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Although we are a smaller church, we have lots of different opportunities for you to get plugged in! Read the information below for descriptions of each of our ministries, Bible studies, and volunteer opportunities. For detailed information on how to get involved and sign up, click the corresponding button.

Operation Christmas Child boxes distributed in Malawi. More photos  here .

Operation Christmas Child boxes distributed in Malawi. More photos here.

outreach ministries

We are heavily involved in local and global outreach. Click below to read about our Awana kids program, the benevolence fund we use to bless and care for our community, our turkey ministry, and Operation Christmas Child through Samaritan’s Purse.


We love doing life with one another! We have found that it’s vital to not only gather together for discipleship, worship, prayer, and study, but also for fun! Below you will find short descriptions and sign-ups for our current Bible study groups, as well as our new Dinners for 8 fellowship.

volunteer opportunities

We are always looking for volunteers to help us out with our different ministries. They are a vital part of our church family! Click the button below to sign up.





Check out all of our local and global ministries below.


Awana is a world-wide nonprofit ministry focused on providing Bible-based evangelism and discipleship solutions for ages 2-18. As the global leader in child and youth discipleship, Awana gives children the opportunity to know, love and serve Jesus, no matter their background. (“About”)

At Martindale Alliance, our Awana program is an outreach to children—and by extension, their families—in the surrounding towns. All of our staff and volunteers working with children have taken and passed their background checks, and have passed and received their PA child abuse history clearances. Additionally, our staff have been fingerprinted through IndentGo.

We have two fifteen-passenger vans that pick up children on Wednesday nights in neighboring towns to bring them to our program. At Awana, the children read and learn Bible stories, memorize scripture, play games, sing songs, and eat snacks.

We love our dedicated volunteers! They work with the children in small groups to provide evangelism and discipleship. But most of all, we love on the children, pray for them constantly, and are always there for anything they or their families need.

Benevolence fund

Our benevolence fund is used locally to serve and bless individuals and families in need. In addition to your weekly tithe, you can give above and beyond to the benevolence fund. We also take up a second offering once a month that goes specifically toward the benevolence fund.

In the past, the benevolence fund has helped families with hospital bills, home repairs, groceries, and so on.

We believe in leaving room in the margins. We are a community that strives to use our talents, finances, time, and love to support others. It’s so easy to overextend ourselves, but we aim to leave room so we can serve others from a place of rest and love rather than exhaustion and emptiness.

If you would like to give directly toward the benevolence fund after you tithe, please click the box below. For links to all of our giving platforms, click here.

Turkey Ministry

We partner with a couple different local organizations to provide Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys to individuals and families. This happens a few different ways:

  • donate a turkey

  • donate fixings

  • sponsor an individual or family financially

  • deliver turkeys

If you would like to serve in any of the ways listed above, please click the corresponding button below.

Operation christmas child

In addition to supporting our C&MA international workers, we are involved in the Operation Christmas Child shoebox ministry through Samaritan’s Purse. This year, the national collection week was November 12-19, 2018.

If you aren’t familiar with the shoebox ministry, people of all ages pack shoeboxes full of gifts for children around the world. We are a drop-off site, so we collect shoeboxes from our community and the surrounding communities, and pack them into larger boxes. This happens the third week of November every year. After the larger boxes are shipped out, volunteers at distribution centers prepare the boxes to be shipped internationally. For a $9 donation, you will receive a special barcode that enables you to track your box!

While the boxes are shipped all over the world, volunteer teams are trained for evangelism and discipleship outreach programs for the children they will be serving. Pastors host the distributions of the boxes and offer The Greatest Journey, a discipleship program for the children.

Once the children complete the program, they have a graduation. Their families are invited, the gospel is presented, and celebration is in the air! As a result of these shoeboxes, children are introduced to Jesus, grow in their relationship with Him, tell their families and communities, and lives are changed!

If you’d like to donate straight to Operation Christmas Child, click here.

To start preparing boxes for next year, click here for more information.

Volunteer sign-ups for November 2019 will be up as it gets closer.



Bible Studies

  • men’s bible study:

    Tuesdays // 6-7 p.m. // parsonage

  • women’s bible study:

    Tuesdays // 6-7 p.m. // church

  • parenting class/bible study:

    Tuesdays // 6-7 p.m. // church

  • Young Women’s bible study/small group (ages 16-25):

    Thursdays // 7-8 p.m. // parsonage

Dinners for 8

What is it?

Dinners for 8 is all about casual fellowship, food, and fun! It’s a time to hang out with a group of people you don’t normally rub shoulders with. Groups of around 8 people will either meet in homes or in restaurants—you will be able to list your preference on the form below, along with other details. Besides having dinner (can be breakfast or lunch, too!) together, leave some time to play board games, drink coffee, or go ice skating! Really, the specifics are up to each group.

The group coordinator (GC) will coordinate the meeting place, date, time, and food sign-ups, and will be the point of contact for the group members. The group coordinator does not need to host the dinner. These can be two separate roles.

How does it work?

  • Fill out the form for you and/or your family by clicking the button below, or find Hunter Legg after the Sunday service and she will sign you up on her computer in the back.

  • After a couple weeks, group coordinators will be assigned and groups will be formed.

  • After groups are formed, the group coordinators will be in contact with the group members to coordinate the meeting place, date, time, and food sign-ups.


  • There will be around 8 adults in each group. The groups will be selected based on availability and preference to eat in or out. Groups will consist of couples and singles.


  • Kids are welcome! If you’d like your kids to participate, be sure to note how many kids you have on the sign-up form.

  • If you’d rather have a night out, and other group members also have kids, feel free to pool together for babysitting.

How does the food work?

  • The focus is on making friendships and having fun, so we don’t want the food preparation to be stressful. We recommend a potluck dinner so that everyone can participate by bringing a dish!

  • As stated above, groups will be formed on the preference to eat in or eat out so that everyone feels comfortable and included.

  • Feel free to be creative! Have a theme for the night, like Italian or soup night.

Group coordinators:

  • You can easily sign up to be a group coordinator on the form.

  • We ask group coordinators to communicate the details with their group: meeting place, date, time, and food sign-ups. The contact information of each group member will be provided to the group coordinators.

Can I have dinner at my house without being a group coordinator?

  • Yes! You can specify on the form that you would like to host the dinner, but not be a group coordinator.

  • This goes for group coordinators as well. Group coordinators do not need to have the dinner at their house.

Sign-up information:

  • We designated Dinner Weeks to provide for flexible scheduling: February 1-8, March 1-8, April 1-8, and May 1-8. We will schedule the rest of the Dinner Weeks as they get closer. You may register for more than one dinner week if you know you’ll be available.

  • You can sign up here online or on Sunday mornings—just find Hunter Legg.

  • Here are the sign-up deadlines:

    • Dinner Week 1 (February 1-8): January 28

    • Dinner Week 2 (March 1-8): February 25

    • Dinner Week 3 (April 1-8): March 28

    • Dinner Week 4 (May 1-8): April 27


If you have any questions about Dinner for 8 in general, email

If you have specific questions on anything pertaining to your group, please contact your group coordinator!